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All students of Loudoun County current grades 5th-12th are eligible to join one of Hogback Mountain Paintball's tournament speedball team: Hogback Army or Hogback Junior Army, coached by Jason Augustowski and John Greeley, an English teacher in the county and a speedball player for the past 15 years. Students will learn proper paintball technique in the realms of: stance, snapshooting, running and gunning, breakouts, sliding/diving, bunkering, diet/exercise, and more. All experience levels accepted - we are here to teach you at YOUR current level.

Players will be expected to arrive at the field ON TIME for practices and to be picked up PROMPTLY at the end. Players should come having eaten breakfast or lunch (depending on time of practice) and dressed to play paintball. Players should have their own equipment, but can rent equipment while "trying out the team" - with the understanding that they will need their own gear to play in tournaments. Although it is NOT mandatory to attend all practices, players must realize that those who receive more training, and thus develop more skill, will be those who play in the tournaments come summer.

The only cost is what a player shoots in paint per practice. Please see the attached practice schedule for the remainder of our fall practices (winter/spring practice schedule coming soon) and don't hesitate to contact Jason Augustowski at misteramistera@gmail.com OR John Greeley at john4hogback@yahoo.com for any additional information.