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Turkey Feather Hunt - November 23rd, 24th and 25th, 2018

About This Event

Join us on the weekend following Thanksgiving for a fun day of turkey hunting and prizes! During walk-ons, watch for large feathers hidden around the fields. Collect the feathers during regular gameplay and bring them back to the Dead Zone and earn prizes.

Turkey Feathers are approximately a foot long, in several bright colors. You will know them when you see them! Gather any you find and bring them back to your Dead Zone Ref so they can be tallied! The player with the most feathers will receive a trophy. Keep an eye out for turkeys running around the fields during games, but be careful - they shoot back!

This game will be played with a beginners group and an advanced players group. Simply show up and join a group whenever you are ready!

If you would like to rent equipment during this game, please call ahead to reserve your equipment.