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Normandy Landing - June 3rd & 4th, 2017

The Axis General speaking over the bullhorn

Behind the Scenario

This big game scenario is based off of the D-Day Landing on the beaches of Normandy, France, at the end of the second World War.

Players will join a team to defend or attack the beach, and hold or take key locations, throughout the day.


Throughout the day each team will receive missions from their team generals. Players that particpate in a mission have a chance to earn a prize for themselves, and major points for their team!

Allied Missions (Blue Team)
  • Storm the beach and set up Headquarters
  • Take Fort to set up Forward HQ
  • Set up mortar positions in Valley
  • Blow up Axis held bridges
  • Blow up Fuel- or Ammo-Depots
  • Liberate Axis gold deposits
  • Axis Missions (Red Team)
  • Defend the beach
  • Defend Fort from Allied assault
  • Knock out Allied mortar batteries
  • Set up and defend Fuel- and Ammo-Depots
  • Locate and retrieve hidden gold
  • Set up supply corridors using bridges

  • Pre-order Tickets

    Each ticket includes entry, equipment (if applicable), air fills, and lunch for BOTH days. Only 1 bag of 500 paintballs is included. Add additional paint to your order from the left sidebar.

    Ticket sales are no longer available online. Please purchase your ticket at the counter on the day of the event.

    Rental Package
    Includes: Admission, rental gun, mask, and air fills, 500 paintballs, and lunch.

    Price: $50

    Bronze Rental Package
    Includes: Admission, air fills, and lunch.

    Price: $28