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Prometheus Magfed Scenario - August 11th and 12th, 2018

The Backstory

During a routine Pentagon cyber-security exercise, something goes inexplicably and horribly wrong. After three days of being paralyzed by the mysterious cyber-attack, the Pentagon finally contains a massive systems crash and security breach. So far, the only lead cyber experts have keyed in on is an ultra-advanced computer virus codenamed < prometheus >.

One day later, a mysterious envelope, addressed to the POTUS, is found just outside the gates of the White House, containing a cryptic message:

"FIRE. The divine power of the GODS. Their sacred secret I have taken. I, PROMETHEUS, bestow it unto the hand of mortal MAN..."

Within hours, the Pentagon is notified that a major nuclear fusion reasearch facility is reporting an alarming inventory discrepancy. Somehow, a large amount of weapons-grade material has become unaccounted for.

Two days after the cyber-attack, Los Alamos calls the White House with ominous news. Expert scientific analysis of the cyber-attack indicates that the PROMETHEUS virus had successfully breached the highest levels of security at Los Alamos nuclear research labs.

Already reeling from the unprecedented chain of events, the White House gets another envelope. Inside is a full technical readout, and a chilling line, taken from the ancient verses of the Bhagavad-Gita:

"If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst forth at once in the sky, that shall be like the splendor of the Mighty One. I am become DEATH, the Shatterer Of Worlds..."

Los Alamos analyzes the readout, and the implications are horrifying. Against all odds, a renegade entity of unknown allegiance, has the plans and the raw materials to build a 6-megaton thermonuclear device...

Pick a Side

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Black Tide

Photo of Prometheus Black Tide team General Steven 'SAS Battery' Maiatico

The Black Tide, a theo/political movement sworn to wipe out the United States, sends their top military strategist, The Supreme Overlord to procure the bomb from PROMETHEUS. For USASOC, it has become personal, for THE Supreme Overlord was once one of their own: former Brigadier General Steven "SAS BATTERY" Maiatico, a once-legendary figure in USASOC turned rogue...

USASOC - WINNER! Photo of Prometheus USASOC team General Derrick 'TECH' Balog

A weathered veteran of countless covert-ops missions, COL Derrick "TECH" Balog, is selected by USASOC and tasked to execute Operation TRIDENT THRUST. The mission directive is clear: Track down the missing nuclear materials and secure the stolen blueprints, before PROMETHEUS can build the warhead.

Congratulations team!