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Santa vs. The Grinch - December 30, 2018

About The Game

While flying over Hogback Mountain, Santa’s sleigh has made an emergency crash-landing. Presents are scattered throughout the mountain, and injured elves are trapped in the wreckage. A rescue squad has been dispatched to gather the presents and bring the elves back to safety, but along the way they learn that Santa has been captured by The Grinch. The race is on to free Santa and collect both the lost presents and the helper elves in time. Will the Grinch keep the presents and hold Santa and his elves as hostages forever, or can the holiday still be saved?

Prices at the Gate

Sign up as one of the firsts 100 players and receive a Hogback Mountain Paintball patch! Save $10 per ticket through December 17th!
Bronze Rental Package
Includes: Admission, rental gun, mask, and air fills, and 500 paintballs.

Entry Package
Includes: Admission, and air fills.


There will be prizes handed out during the day, as well as a raffle at the morning Game Brief.

And the Winner Is...

Who will the winner be this year?