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Filling Out the Waiver

Players may complete a waiver online ahead of their play date, or they may sign the day of as they check in. It will save time to sign up early, but don't worry too much if you forget. We have waiver stations available at the check-in counter. Download a printable waiver here.

Every player must complete a waiver before going up the hill to play. Any spectator who wishes to go up the hill must also sign a waiver. Players aged 8 to 17 must have the waiver signed by a guardian or responsible adult. Players aged 8 and 9 cannot play walk-ons - they may play low-impact private groups only.

Group IDs

Know when you're coming out to play? Complete your waiver before the date of your event! To make player accounting quicker, please enter your Group ID.

Private Group IDs

Private groups, please enter the Last Name of your group organizer into the Group ID field.

Big Game Group ID

Big Game players, please enter the name of the game and and year! For example, if you're coming out for Zombie Invasion this year, enter Zombie2019.

Walk On Group ID

Walk On players, please enter the date you are attending walk ons. Using today's date, November 17, 2019, the code would be WalkOns1117.

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