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Zombie Invasion - October 28th, 2018

*** This game is FIELD PAINT ONLY ***

About This Big Game

The zombies are taking over Hogback! Groups of human Survivors band together against the small horde of Zombies until they are infected. If infected survivors are unable to reach a Nurse tent with a Medic Badge in time, they join the Zombies and resurrect at the Graveyard.

As the Zombie forces grow the dwindling group of Survivors must attempt a Left For Dead run to the extraction point, and protect their Stronghold.

Eventually, the Last One Standing will finally be over run. Once there are no humans left to contend with, the three Zombie Lords will battle it out for supremacy in the Zombie Rumble.

Pre-order Tickets

Admission Package - Early Bird Prices
Includes: Admission, and air fills.

Rental Package - Early Bird Prices
Includes: Admission, rental gun, mask, air fills, and 500 paintballs.

Win Prizes

Not only are there prizes handed out during the games (in the dead zones) for good sportsmanship, but there will also be a raffle at the main Game Brief! Collect your raffle ticket when you check in at the Waiver table.